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Does this antenna make me look fat?

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sma to n female adapter, n to n adapter, some home made collinear antenna I made. I don't remember what the db of it is anymore, probably not much better than the supplied antenna.

Is that an access point antenna or you are happy to see me LOL

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Dress the pineapple and battery up in a similar shade plastic housing and pipe clamp it to a utility pole*. Instant urban camouflage.

*Except don't unless you work for said utility.

I thought about taking the old telco access box on my last house when I moved. There was an extra one on the side that was no longer used. When they came to hook up the phone when we moved in they ran a new wire and put the new box on the back of the house. A couple of v clamps like rock climbing cams on the back and you could just stick it to a brick wall!

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