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Need Advice/Recommendation For A Good Bluetooth USB Dongle


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So I'm buying a BlueParrott BT headset for use with my phone and laptop, I'm in need of advice on a good dongle. My laptop currently has a Broadcom WiFi/BT combo module, and quite frankly it just sucks big. It refuses to connect to many of the BT devices I've tried, range is short, etc. I've checked some reviews and the array of options is just bewildering, with varying opinions.

What I Need:

4.0(+) (EDR?) compatibility

Advice on what class (1,2, etc) is best, and whether or not dual-pairing (connecting to more than 1 device, or w/e it's called) is best

Good data transfer rate, especially HD audio, with good volume.

Must support a wide range of devices and be reliable

Preferably USB 3.0 or at least 2.0 compatibility

Decent price ($50 or less)

Good compatibility/driver support for Win7/8/8.1, Linux, and the most recent versions of Mac, as well as good compatibility with Android

Support for the widest array of BT protocols (A2DP, OPP, HSP, PAN, DUN, etc.)

Good range and signal strength

Compatibitily with a good software suite like BlueSoleil (preferred but not absolute req.)

Brand name isn't too big of a deal either, as long as the quality is good

Amazon is my preferred online storefront to buy from, since I'm elible for free/low-cost shipping on most items, and am buying several items at once to save money overall. I'm looking to buy by tonight or the morning at latest.

And as many of us are aware, BT has always been hit or miss.I could have posted elsewhere, and I'm relatively new here anyway. But I figured the geeks here would be good people to ask, and I dont want to make a purchase w/o being informed and getting multiple opinions. I apologize if I'm asking on the wrong forum, if so then maybe someone can point out a good place for help.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I forgot to ask, but will a dongle use its' own stack, or the stack provided by Microsoft? I ask because the headset rep told me I might have trouble pairing it in Windows w/o a dongle, which supposedly has a separate stack.

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