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Reformatting a school mac


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Our school laptops have firmware on them that blocks a lot of stuff. Even reinstalling OSX doesn't work. Are there any _software_ reformatters for mac that could do this? If it was a windows I oculd use partition magic, but it doesnt seem to be for mac.

Any help?

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First of all read the agreement you signed carefully. You don't want to go to federal pound you in the ass prison for gaining unlawful access to computer resources now do you? After you've made sure you're legal or comfortable with the possible alternative we can move on.

I'm don't know if you mean actual firmware or the operating system when you say firmware. I guess you mean the OS and I really think a proper reinstall should wipe everything, with proper I mean telling it to remove the partition and create a new one and not just installing over an old one. If you really really need a partitioning tool I would recommend GParted, don't know if it runs on every mac yet but it's worth a try if you don't want to bother with the horrible command line tools.

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