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Can't get wlan0 over 13dBm tx power


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On my new MKV pineapple, I cannot get txpower of wlan0 over 13dBm (the default). wlan1 seems fine, it starts at 27dBm and if I change region to my country of Belize I can change it to 30dBm.

I've tried:

ifconfig wlan0 down

iw reg set BZ

iwconfig wlan0 txpower 25

ifconfig wlan0 up

I've also tried changing the txpower while the interface was up and running. Both times, I don't get any errors but when I do another iwconfig it still shows 13dBm.

Also, I've flashed to factory 1.2.0 firmware using the recovery interface then tried changing wlan0 tx power before installing any infusions or configuring anything other than changing root password. Anyone else experience this issue?

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How do you unlock it or can you?

I've read about others having 18dBm set for their wlan0 on their MK5.

13dBm isn't practical for Karma. That's only 20mw of power. Even with a 6dBm antenna, that'd be 19dBm total and still only be 79mw power. Well below even many consumer grade wireless routers.

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Do I have a defective pineapple?

According to wifipineapple.com, "Dual unlocked high gain radios emphasize the strengths of two chips infamous for their hacking potential; the AR9331 and the RTL8187"

It doesn't seem like my AR9331 is unlocked. I've tried the methods I've mentioned and I've tried:

iw dev wlan0 set txpower fixed 18dBm

With the interface both up and down. No difference.

I've seen screenshots on this very forum of people who have their wlan0 on their Mark V set to 18dBm so I know that 13dBm shouldn't be the limit. I can go below 13dBm but not above no matter what my regulation is set to.

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Same issue here, since 2 weeks a happy owner of a mark V in the Netherlands (Europe)

Wlan0 after every boot 18dBm. No matter what I try, I cannot get it lower or higher.

Is there already a solution or tip how to increase the power?

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Sounds like you have a similar issue but not the exact same. Yours is locked to 18dBm which makes sense, other screenshots I've seen on this forum show 18dBm as the tx power for wlan0. I'm locked to 13dBm which I've found isn't enough power to be usable for Karma in most situations. I'd at least be happy with 18dBm, it'd make it a lot more useable for me. Either way, the device is marketed as having two unlocked wireless chips but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've tried and tried to change it but mine won't go higher than 13. Did finally get it to go below 13 but that doesn't really help.

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Really strange that it seems that wlan0 is locked. As you have mentioned before, I also thought that the pineapple is a device with 2 unlocked radio's, as they have marketed. Maybe there was a heat issue when the txpower was above 18dBm,so it is now locked somehow in the software. I think we have to wait till someone explains why the txpower is maximized to 18dBm. I guess there's a good reasons for it. but then again do not advertise it. I have already spent to much time on the txpower now instead of on the real fun stuff which can be done with the pineapple. It still is a great device.

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