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pineapple interface down


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I keep trying to use ifconfig and macchanger to change the mac and bring the interface back up again, and the pineapple's interface never comes back up again. Here is an example command:

ifconfig wlan0 down && macchanger -A wlan0 && ifconfig wlan0 up

Is anybody else observing this behavior? Is there something wrong with my pineapple?

I usually end up having to reboot in order to fix it.

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Oops sorry overwraith, I'll check one of mine after I get some coffee in me.

I'm sure you have already tried but..........

Just to make sure, Have you replaced the sd card with a class 10 sd?

Have you tried to reflash the pineapple to factory settings?

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Ok, again I apologize for the delay overwraith.

Mine does the same thing, wlan0 will not start back up.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your pineapple.

You might want to submit it to the bug tracker.

I could be wrong, but that could be one of the reasons jjd wrote the script, other than being able to have a different random mac at every boot.

I'll play with it a bit more this evening, and maybe someone else can try to see if it works for them.

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Ok, so the pineapple is probably fine, but I think there are probably two bugs here (one with macchanger, and one with ifconfig), because even if I simply try to turn off the interface and turn it back on again it will not turn on. What do you think?

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It's not macchanger's fault at all, it simply doesn't work well with openwrt.

It's also not ifconfig's fault, as it tries to bring up the device. Openwrt then refuses to bring up the interface as the Mac addresses are not matching.

On the Pineapple, changing your Mac is simply a little different.

Best regards,


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