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ALFA Network adapters


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Guest spazi

I own AWUS036NHA and the AWUS036H.

Both cards are supported by most linux distributions, both support monitor and packet injection.
The usual stuff :)
Best WiFi network adapters there is really.
I can recommend buying the AWUS036NHA as pointed out by Seb.
I supports b/g/n and it's a tiny bit faster than AWUS036H.

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AWUS036H has a Realtek chip that supports b/g using the rtl8187 driver in Linux.

AWUS036NH has a Ralink chip that supports b/g/n using the rt2800usb driver in Linux.

AWUS036NHA has an Atheros chip that supports b/g/n using the ath9k_htc driver in Linux.

I've tested each of these for Project Byzantium. All three are fully supported in Linux including IBSS. Personally, I prefer the Atheros drivers so I'd go with the AWUS036NHA as Sebkinne suggested.

It's a bit more expensive, but I also really like the Ubiquiti SR71-USB, which supports b/g using the carl9170 driver (Atheros). High power and two antennas.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. All were helpful! I'll look out for the AWUS036NHA as it seems the favored based upon the needs.

On Amazon


I didn't see it on dx.com

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