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USB Drive to download infusions and etc


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Tried a USB 4GB and partitioning it in EXT4, mkswap command won't execute (just freezes), but "sandisk is shown", never shows option "store to USB" like the MKIV, so it makes sense that USB shouldn't be used. But.. I formatted an 8GB mSD (through the "resources" in the Pineapple UI) and it it won't recognize to storage either. Do I need to do the same here as I did with the USB in the MKIV? Has to be some step I'm missing..

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Thanks, it worked out. Somewhat. The 1st sd was corrupted. After formatting in BT5, it was recognized in the Web UI to store infusions. But when downloading to the sd, it freezes. Grabbed a second card from my rubber ducky stash and it does the same. When I reboot the pineapple, it shows the infusions installed to sd. Strange. It might be that I'm using plain micro sd's, so I'll try a class 10 HC and see if it resolves. Things overall a bit buggy. Karma won't enable. Factory reset completes, but still Karma issues. That's an entirely different problem. I've got to get to the root of this. Pun not intended. Happy accident :-)



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