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My advice: Don't use IE for a bit...


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Ditto, never use IE, too many other and better options out there. Of course Chromium is having problems with the way it's handling Certs. so it may not be the best choice right now either. Firefox seems to be pretty solid, even 29 once you add the menu bar back in.

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Yeah.. I just moved an entire office off of IE over the weekend and so far a day has gone by with 0 complaints!

I love to see people use IE... here, dont click this link www.I8igmac.tk

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I don't use IE because, well, it's IE (memories of 6 and 7.. shudders) but to be fair isn't it pretty secure these days? On the whole I mean, I know it had that serious vulnerability lately but so do all the other browsers.

I'm talking about the latest version, IE11 of course.

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My biggest gripe with IE was its explicit, deliberate standards-NON-compliance. I do web development for a living and specifically refuse to work on the front-end because you always end up making 2 sites - the compliant one that works for pretty much everybody and the one for IE. I'm currently gearing up to make a web frontend framework thingy for work and by the looks of things I'm going to _have_ to work on the absolute front-end. I'm not looking forward to this prospect.

It's gotten a lot better, but since IE 10+ isn't used as much as we'd prefer we're still forced to create a second site for that beautiful and unique snowflake called IE9.

In terms of security, all browsers are continuously getting poked and prodded in places nobody had intended them to be. Browsers are FAR too large beasts these days to get a full audit going. The best you can do is run along and try to keep up. It's a sensible thing to have multiple browsers up-to-date and available to you in case one is found to be the willing servant of someone other than you, and you should have your personal workflows set up for that. For instance, I don't have bookmarks, I run a small wiki on my computer in which I place and organize my bookmarks. A little more work, but I have everything on hand regardless of which browser I choose to use at that time.

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