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[Payload] Mac OSX File/Photo Printer


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Hello again I made another payload for mac osx. This one will print any file from the internet (You can delet the "curl -o" command to print a local file). I you dont want it to delete the printed file, just remove the "-r". But other wise you only have to replace the bracets() and whats inside of them with your configuration. Please reply, doesn't matter what you say. I just want to see if I am wasting my time about something that no one cares about.

DELAY 2000
STRING Terminal
DELAY 1000
DELAY 1000
curl -O (here put a link to a photo of file to download or delete the command to print a local file ex. trollface.com/troll.jpg)
DELAY 2000 (change this delay to adjust your internet download speed/the file size)
STRING lpr -P (here put the name of the printer ex. Hp-officejet) -# (here put the number of copies) -r (here navigate to the photo or file. Its in your home folder or home directory. ex. /home/jake/photo)
DELAY 3000

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