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Repeated KARMA Probes


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Why is the KARMA probes being repeated?

Normally the KARMA would only detect 1 probes from each AP found, and now it repeats it. In my attached picture for example KARMA has picked up a probe for O2wireless1D7BBB from 98:f0:ab:17:de:6b but has repeated it 19 times over a period of say a minute!?!? This is really annoying. Before it would only say it once per AP found. It does this to all probes found! It now makes the logs stupidly long.....



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It does make them stupid long, but they are raw logs. Before, we removed repetitions, but this slowed down the viewing of logs immensely. Note that we just didn't show them in the webinterface, there were present in the file.

We will be adding filtering of logs soon, offloading the filtering to your browsers.

Best regards,


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Cool. I agree there was a bit of a drag before and yes the logs are soooooo much quicker right now. Interesting idea of offloading the filtering to the browsers though.

Cheers Seb

We do that a lot - make use of the viewing device's processing power whenever we can.

This even works great when using lower end smartphones.

Give me a bit of time :)


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