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Introducing the PiPhone


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Things to improve the design:

If it was me making this, I'd use an Odroid and if you weren't expecting that, you haven't been paying attention. I'd probably have a hard time pairing the thing with the touchscreen. Can't find a decent replacement for that. As for the rest...

This SIM900 board is roughly the same size (8x6cm) but costs a tad under $30.

The battery. This bloke paid 15 bucks for a 3.7V 2.5A battery. Amateur. ;)

Here are those same specs for half the price or even almost the same specs for a third. This one's got 10% more amps and is still under $5.50 whereas this one even looks the part but comes in at 3A and still just over half the cost but the winner, for me, would be this one at a cost of $10 you get over 13Wh.

Next the boost converter. Here's one matching his specs for under $5.

Totalling, 75 for the pi and screen and a further 45 for the bits mentioned above and a final $10 for assorted cables, connectors, switches and the lot. Comes to $130 or about $30 under what he's paying for it. Any takers? :)

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Sounds good!

I'm putting out SDR MIMO devices able to EASILY create GSM Mobile Phone Networks next month.

+ a new wideband handheld SDR that I demonstrated before SDR-Winncom, or www.WirelessInnovation.org before

Motorola Solutions in March.

This PiPhone you posted about is pretty cool!

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Interesting. Got some info on these devices of yours?

Found it. Massively impressed person sitting behind a laptop here.

What's the expected price tag of this device and can/will it be shipped internationally?

What are the major parts you've put on there?

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