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Hi, i supply wireless internet to guys in my home area via a bullet. I use mac filter plus pre-shared WPA2 key for security. The problem is that due to the Low shared bandwidth in the network the speed reduces greatly when people make downloads via torrents. I am looking for a solution to completely block torrents. I have had ideas of a normal pc that is dedicated as the proxy server. I however don't have a clue where to start and how to do it.Kindly brainstorm.

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Iptables seem to be the solution. I would like to extend my knowledge on this subject.

I have installed ddwrt on a few routers... one feature is iptables...

Torrent block with iptables is simple. I would like to see some examples on giving torrent traffic a throttle or low priority

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Isn't torrent traffic encrypted these days, and using random ports to boot? You'd need deep packet inspection to get it to work.

I feel the best route to success is to disallow direct outbound connections. Put in a (transparent) proxy that caches too to increase network performance a bit. Allow outbound traffic to specific ports (dns, smtp, pop3 and imap should be sufficient) and block everything else.

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