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Advanced Googling


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Today someone managed to grab all my personal info on Google by googling my name somehow. It totally blew me away that this was possible as I the person only knew my name and managed to get my address that I lived at in another country, my birthplace, my current school, and many other things. Its nothing that I mind anyone having as it isn’t really worth anything but it bothered me.

So does anyone know how they did this and does anyone have any other cool Google tricks?

Also I never posted this information on the internet and I am aware that there is a possibility that maybe a friend did. (that’s how these things get posted anyways right?)

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Its not that hard really. I once got enough info on a guy to open a bank account and rent a house from a couple of hours googling. I started with a name and using public birth, death and marrige records, the guys myspace*, his old school records (publically avalible) and random pages got way more than I needed. You just need to be able to sift threw a lot of random crap and put the pieces together.

So why did I do this? Well, I moved into a house and started getting mail threw about a former tenant having bad credit. After weeks of mailing the stuff back and getting more letters about property seizure etc I snapped. Spent a few hours on google, got the info I needed and called his bank. Explained the situtation to them and gave them all the info I had on the guy, where he was living now, his parents address and the name he was using. Never got another letter from the bank about the guy.

*myspace is a gold mine for information mining, I'm amazed about the amoung of information people will stick on myspace etc, stuff they'd never tell you if you asked them, and they do it all for free.

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No, that's what you get when you aren't aware what information you're scattering across the internet about yourself.

Be vigilant, be distrustful and lie about yourself (*especially* about your name) every chance you get.

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DeGrijze is in real life Gerard de Vries born on Jun 29 1959 at the redlight district in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

And is now living for 3 years with his wife and kids in the Dutch outback near to the German border in Emmer-Compascuum.

So this wil make it even more easy to find me on and with google.



(realy do'nt care)

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