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[Support] rtlradiostreamer


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I've written an infusion as the front-end to rtl_tcp. The infusion allows you to stream the radio from the rtl-sdr to another machine for decoding. The defaults are set for 1090 MHz (ADS-B).

As per other infusions for rtl-sdr, a minimum version of 1.1.1 is required.

Screenshots will follow soon.


1.0 - Initial Release.

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Really interested in this! I have been setting up a BBB with an R820T SDR dongle to do this, but having problems with the wifi not always starting up. It (BBB) runs fine once I can get an IP and the wifi running... I can use the data to run VRS on my desktop W7 machine... until I figure out the wifi startup problem, I would like to see if the Pineapple/RTL would be more solid... I'll keep watching... This is what I use in Dump1090 now... works great !

./dump1090 --interactive --net --net-beast --net-ro-port 31001 --net-ro-size 500 --net-ro-rate 5 &
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