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which DNS service you use


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I'm not quite sure if you mean what DNS server(s) I configure for use on my box, or with which registrar I register my domains.

For the former on my LAN I run a local DNS server which plays caching front-end to the one provided by my ISP with the google ones as a backup. From that point on it's a simple matter of allowing your DHCP client to honor the dns information provided to it and properly configuring said dhcp server to point at the LAN DNS.

When it comes to domains I typically go with the very cheapest in the bunch that I can find. I own the <MyRealLastName>.nl domain as an email-only domain for 15 euro a year, 5 real mailboxes, unlimited virtuals and about 100 megs of diskspace which is continuously emptied by the mailserver on my LAN. This is registered with "Internet Service Europe B.V." (i-s-e.nl). Only had some minor issues with billing once because they would email the bill to a long-forgotten account somewhere rather than my own domain so come billing time I would eventually get a "final notice" letter in my physical mailbox which would then get paid promptly. Then one day my mailserver died (capacitor plague) so I had to call them up for a password reset and updated the billing email address aswell. Not a bad word from them once. I like 'em.

I created a few domains for a concept I'm developing - my little play pen for ideas and developments that I can use if for some reason I do get canned by my employer. That sounds far more menacing than it should. It's where put some of the things I develop and think I might be able to turn into a product some day. At my current place of employment I'm not allowed to become a business (non-compete and all) but if that were to get terminated for any reason I'll be off to a running start. For this I, again, went with the very cheapest in the bunch with the very aptly named "goedkopewebhoster.nl" (literally: cheapwebhoster.nl). Part of my concept involved a 'clever' domain name (clever like 'cr.yp.to' clever) in a different country with its own set of requirements to adhere to to be allowed to register there. They made the setup a breeze and were really helpful in getting me to correctly jump to the appropriate bureaucratic hoops that exist. Had only one problem once with the configuration of the domain being set in such a way by me that even I couldn't access it anymore which was dealt with promptly (like, 30 minutes after creating the ticket).

You just have to realise that in the current market, hosting doesn't pay squat. It's great for us end-users because we pay next to nothing for a domain, but unless you're a hoster that services a _lot_ of people you must have your shit together perfectly so very little issues arise or you go bankrupt really fast. Look at that email domain deal I have. For 15 euro I wouldn't give anybody 100MB of disk, the associated bandwidth of draining the mail box every 5 minutes over POP3, the electricity to run it all and the deprecation of that person's share of the overall machine this runs off of. And if I did the uptime would be DEPLORABLE. The only reason they're maybe MAYBE! making a buck off of my business is because I have no reason to interact with anybody at their site at all ever. I'm sure that if I were to call them up and talk to someone for 5 minutes, whatever profit was to be made off of this would instantly evaporate.

Moral of the story: go with the cheapest one that's been around for more than a year and that allow easy self-service of the domain.

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I want having know what your experience are with domain name systems like I use Google even got gmail I had having email web hosting in mind but want a general information of first hand experience like for example factors like speed, any downtime issues, security.hartelijk dank cooper

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