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Checking for seccessful Deauth


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Hi all,

I'm using mdk3 and aireplay-ng for all of my deauthing needs. I have successfully managed to deauth myself as well as my iPhone. I want to make it more complicated and more of a challenge by hiding another computer so I cant look over at it and check if it has lost connection.

Is there any way I can check if I have successfully deauthed the target from the computer sending the deauth packets? Obviously if I was using a WiFi Pineapple I could check if Karma has made a successful connection to the device but is there any other way? I have been told to use TCPdump but am unsure as to where I should start with that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If you can put your card into monitor mode you can use wireshark to filter for deauth packets only. I describe how in this thread:


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