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Encrypted secure (real-time) document collaboration solutions - what do you use?

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Do you use/know of a solution that enables encrypted (zero-knowledge) document collaboration?

Preferably real-time, such as Google Docs.

I'm working with a new client where I am the IT security sub-contractor.

We had our first meeting today and started working on a plan to do job itself.

The client requested that there would be a very high standard of security regarding many of the documents (mainly their threat response security protocols).

This got us thinking about how we can collaborate on documents securely, preferably in a real-time manner.

I took it on myself to find different solutions, and the best one I found is this:


This solution enables you to seamlessly collaborate on Google Drive, encrypted, with a minimal footprint. No special browser or software needed (only the gateway, hosted or on-premise).

Any thoughts?

What do you use?

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Looked at the link. Problems:

1. Image probably appear as-is.

2. Document structure can be gleaned from the encrypted text, so that means that there is some predictability regarding the underlying text and that means there's some predictability regarding the used key.

Is it impossible within Google Docs to restrict a document to a subset of individuals? Surely not any document on Google Docs/Drive is available to everybody?

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The best I could find that sort-of describes solutions to a sort-of similar problem is this.

TL;DR: Set up a forum on a secure server which has been clamped down HARD.

It's not really (really not) real-time collaboration, but it does allow people to work together to reach the same goal...

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