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Are the cops fishing or is somebody really this stupid...?


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I posted a tweet to @michaelossmann yesterday, asking him to do me a small favor, and little did I know that there was this little devil absolutely spamming everybody around him.. (Michael did me the favor .. thanks buddy! :) )

As soon as I post the tweet this guy called @greatest_rage starts asking for my help to reset the password to "his" router..

.. I found this a very strange request, but decide to play along.. here's the chat history:

Hamza Boughambouz ‏@greatest_rage

@sigginet please help me
Sigurður Guðbrandsso ‏@sigginet 17h
@greatest_rage what's up?
Hamza Boughambouz ‏@greatest_rage 17h
@sigginet i lost the login for my Dlink router and i don't have access to reset it iknow there are exploit but i don't know how
Sigurður Guðbrandsso ‏@sigginet 17h
@greatest_rage Have you tried the default user/pass? If that doesn't work, the easiest way is to reset the router.
Hamza Boughambouz ‏@greatest_rage 17h
@sigginet i can't in fact is not my router i get the key with wifite on kali linux-is my OS- and yes i try many password
Sigurður Guðbrandsso ‏@sigginet 17h
@greatest_rage the exploit is out there, but I'm not going to help you break the law. Sorry.
Hamza Boughambouz ‏@greatest_rage 17h
@sigginet can i give you my ip-adress and you please reset the password to admin admin
Sigurður Guðbrandsso ‏@sigginet 17h
@greatest_rage no
Hamza Boughambouz ‏@greatest_rage 17h
@sigginet Thank you so much for your attention with me i appreciate it

Nice, huh?

The guy was very desperate .. and I'm pretty sure that I could have planted a meterpreter shell on his box that phones home every time he boots his box .. maybe that's his point?

This looked very fishy .. the only two options in my brain are that this guy is either a desperate cop, fishing for stupid hackers, or a really stupid newbie.

What's your take on this?

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Maybe this is the mythical "pre-kiddie" stage? Where someone is even too lazy and/or unskilled to take the shrink-wrapped version of an exploit someone else wrote and tried to make fool-proof and point that towards a target...

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