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integrating snoopy with the Mark v

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I have installed snoopy from molotof's github. After some issues everything seems to work ok, apart from the odd error and I'm also having trouble with wigle.

When I start the drone probe sniffing I get the following error :-

sed: can't read /root/snoopy/snoopy_data/probe_data.txt: No such file or directory

On checking I've noticed that probe_data.txt is located in a folder named the same as the name I gave the drone, so it's actually located in /root/snoopy/snoopy_data/kali1/probe_data.txt. Even though I get this error the probe requests seem to pass from the drone to the server ok and I can see the devices and probe requests on the web interface (I am getting a google API error though, 'google has disabled Maps API for this application.')

I 'successfully' set up Wigle, however it worked on about 8 SSID's and then for the past 2 hours, I have been getting the following error

INFO ssid_to_loc.py: Wigle account has been shunned, backing off for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes it trys again and then fails with the same error.

The first error only seems minor and everything does seem to be working. The one thing I really want to get fixed is the Wigle issue. Can anyone point me in the right direction for resolving why my Wigle account is shunned? I have started and stopped the snoopy server and re-input my Wigle user name and password but still getting the same error.

I will join the wiggio group, but wanted to post here as well. Thanks in advance.

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