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I was reading up on the forum and saw that 1.3.0 was available. I was still at 1.1.0 so I upgraded, then I started to lose track of what I was doing. I ate dinner and started up the online game War Thunder. It's about WWII planes, dogfighting, bombing etc.. I played about 2 hours and realize that my fish hadn't been fed for some reason. I flip over to IE and tried to log into my fish tank controller with no luck. What the heck! I check my internet connection and saw that I was still connected to the pineapple and not my home network. Holy Cow! I played 2 hours of this intense, high graphics, fast action game with no lag at all through my pineapple. Speeds still suck, about 3-5 Mbps but my ping was 30ms and I didn't notice any packet loss. I would have never expected that from the pineapple. Thanks guys!

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Could it be that the fish feeder requires an ActiveX plugin that no other browser uses...

I have a couple Panasonic webcams that require and ActiveX plugin to listen to the audio in the room. Everything else works perfectly so I don't worry about it. But I keep a VM of Windows handy for those rare instances where IE is absolutely required.

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