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Reaver - How to set-up this ?


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I have decide to go for WPS cracking as wodlists are not applicable for my router any more. So I all good to go and experiment with it for couple of hours. However the router after x attempts locks itself for x minutes. I know I can use command -r [--recurring-delay=<x:y>. The thing is how I can check how many times I can enter Pin until it's locked and also for how long AP itself is locked ? Is there any tools of some sort ?

Please bear in mind that I'm not looking for spoon feeding as I went so far by experimenting with reaver and solving thousands of problems earlier but I stuck permanently on this one :unsure: .

Any help is appreciated.


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Guest spazi

It usually means that the router vendor has fixed the flaw of WPS. Resulting in that you have to turn off your router to reset the WPS lock.
Not much to do I'm afraid.

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