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I knew I'm new and I'm willing to learn how to use the pineapple but there isn't much support here. I tried the IRC channel. No response. I tried the video's... Mark IV...

If you would make some basic tutorials for the mark V there would be a lot less questions.

For example:

1. I'm connected to my home wlan through cliënt mode. It looks like it uses Wlan1 on the pineapple. I thought wlan1 was for jamming and wlan0 was for connecting.

2. I want to setup an AP. I can enter a SSID in karma and it shows but how do I give them internet from the client connection?

3. SStrip. just install and let it run?

4. The jammer. How do I jamm everyone connected to AP x but still connect myself to AP x

5. Android usb tethering. How is it done? When I plug in the usb my phone(s) don't see it as a usb connection so they don't allow usb tethering. But the phones charge throug the same usb connection.

6. Occupineapple. I enterd 1 name to broadcast and got +/-20 SSID's with only numbers and letters but not the one I enterd.

Please help me, it's frustrating to try and not get any help.


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1. wlan0 is for the Karma access point. wlan1 is for deauthentication/monitor mode stuff and client mode.

2. If you are connected to a access point with internet on wlan1, then clients on wlan0 should also receive internet through ICS.

3. Sure? Not sure what you mean here.

4. Look at the client addresses connected and deauth those with something like aireplay-ng. There is a script or program that handles that better, but I can't recall right now. Pretty sure it's related to the aireplay-ng suite- Google can probably find it.

5. Check page 13 in the Pineapple booklet.

6. What were your steps? Did you make a list?

There is lots of support on this forum. Many videos are Mark V now, but the Mark IV videos are usually still pretty applicable. There are many tutorials: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/80-wifi-pineapple-university/ and Google and the wiki page are all very helpful.

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thx for the fast reply.

6. Karma was running. I made a new list with the editor. I saved the list and I started the occupineapple infusion. The karma SSID dissapeared and the other ssid's came visable. Turned it off but they where still visable. Tried to set the ssid in karma but didn't work. Had to reset the pineapple to get rid off them.

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The answers to all of your questions are already here in the forums or in the pineapple university videos or other youtube videos that DrDinosaur mentioned. It's up to you to read and understand... and yes there are folks here who will answer questions, but to state there isn't much support here... that's just insulting.

As for your number 6. SSH into the pineapple and nano/edit the list file you made for occupineapple. If I remember correctly there are extra characters in the file that are causing the problem you are seeing. I've not seen this problem myself but I did read about it here in the forums a few days ago...

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IRC isn't a 24-hour instant support btw, people in the #pineapple channel are in lots of different timezones and most have things to do during the day, and nearly all of them sleep too. Despite how active it is, it does have its quiet moments :P

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I didn't mean to insult anyone but I read all the posts, I watched all the video's but still it's not working. Most of the posts, video's are for the mark 4 and although you say it also works for the 5 for a newbie it doesn't. Things that are logical for you are a puzzel for newbies. So a different screen, just one "logical" setting makes a huge differance.

I did everything like in the video's but in the video's it's basic and everyting works fine. But what if it doesn't?

What If I connect my android phones but I can't select usb tethering because it says there's no usb connected?

What if I see some probe requests but no connections. What to do then? What could be the problem? If I connect manualy karma sees the connection but where do you see the logs?

I'm missing a basic tutorial on how to use the pineapple. And the infusions. How to use them together. I'm want to make that from a newbie point off view but I need to get it to work first.

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For Karma:



Check those out... Part of this is expectation management... Bottom line Karma is less effective now than it was a year ago because device manufacturers have caught on to what was being exploited.

Also, where are you running karma? And I mean that physically, are you at home or are you doing this testing in a target rich environment like a coffee shop or airport? You may get plenty of probes at home but none of the devices connect for several different reasons.

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This guy has some pretty good videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK15ED34btB3NZznGIXQuwA.

Having a good understanding of linux and openWRT helps.

You should also try and get a firm grip on the terminal, you can run most everything from there.

Most of the infusions have been built from existing programs so reading up on those will help.

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"Also, where are you running karma? And I mean that physically, are you at home or are you doing this testing in a target rich environment like a coffee shop or airport? You may get plenty of probes at home but none of the devices connect for several different reasons."

even if I connect to my "free wifi" AP (pineapple) I can't see any logs, sslstrip is running but can't capture anything.

It's realy frustrating to buy something, realy read a lot, watch a lot, try a lot and get no result.

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You mean both karma and sslstrip don't show any logs? I would test one at a time until you get them working.

For sslstrip use SSH to login to the pineapple and type sslstrip then enter. Tell us what you see. Cntrl+x to stop it. Or Cntrl+c I forget right now.

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I too am a newb; however what I found helps is learning the root program of the "fusion" you are using.

What I've learned. Wlan0 is how you and clients connect to the pineapple. Wlan2 is what EITHER connects to another AP in client mode OR attacks an AP. It can NOT be connected to AND attack two different APs. Karma - only says "yes" to probe requests for open (or unsecure) previously connected to networks. SSL is still pretty hit and miss for Me. I think there are commands that can filter the captured data so it's not an overwelming amount of data. Another thing I'm starting to look into is DNSpoisoning/DNSspoofing. That's where you host 'fake' websites right on the AP and poison the DNS library to point the URL to your local site, there by capturing the logon information.

Now how I've learned this is by Searching google. Find which tools you'd like to learn and search for write ups or tutorials or how to's. Check the official pages, youtube, EVERY where.

Best of luck buddy. and YES some write ups included in the "fusion" on how to use that fusion would be totaly cool but hunting for the information is fun too.

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Ok a few more questions.

1 I used karma in a busy place. I named the ssid free wifi. How do I see when a person connects to the karma by choice of if karma has connected someone by accepting the proberequest? I see proberequest but in the log I see " auth attempt 1/3 2/3 3/3"

2. In the intelligence report I only see my own laptop connected to the pineapple. In the second screen I see a lot more clients.

3. As I was unable to connect to the pineapple bar I couldn't install sslstrip. Can I see a log what site's where visited, login's, paswords?


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