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Not seeing in coming network traffic on Port J3 of the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro.


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New post to a previous issue...not seeing in coming network traffic on Port J3 of the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro.

Just to note, the manufacturer was great when I contacted him. He replied quickly and offered a replacement, free of charge. Will advise on the results when it arrvies.

I purchased the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro from hak5 which was demonstrated in one of the twit.tv know-how episodes. I thought it was was advised to be able to collect/see in and out network traffic at the same time through a network analyizing program like wireshark. It was also discussed to have two available erthernet ports if one wanted to collect/see both in/out at the same time to analyze in wireshark.

This is in reference to the know how Episode #64 @ 7:19 mins. <http://twit.tv/show/know-how/64>

The second issue was in using a tap pro with a swtich and an all-all-one modem/router, where to put the tap pro to capture all the network traffic coming in and out?

I tried setting the tap pro directly after my moden/router, then to the switch, then from the switch I connected all my computers. I was only able to capture traffic going out, not coming in.(I did verify both ethernet ports and cables were working correctly. I also verified my 3.0 usb erthernet adpter was working correctly.)

Next, I tried a more simple setup: the modem/router through the tap pro, (J1 & J2) to my single test laptop with my monitoring laptop connected to J3 & J4 would capture in and out going traffic from my test laptop. Still no incoming traffic, just out going....

I reviewed the twit.tv know how episodes 63, 64 and 84 hoping to see if I missed something.. I also wnet on hak5 to see what I was missing. Does some one have a link of a setup/diagram for a single unit modem/router using the tap pro and a switch which would capture all in/out traffic? Thank you the read and help.


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