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Rainbow Tables with handshake ?


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I have my old Sky router which comes with default wi-fi password. I have used BackTrack 5 as it's golden OS for education :D to dump handshake into I think pcap file. Now I have researched a bit on the net for Wordlists and I have found Rainbow Table for Sky Routers the thing is that when I try to use it with aircrack-ng it doesn't work :blink: . Which program should I use to crack WPA password with my Rainbow Tables ? I look around google and I can't figure it out how to use rainbow tables with my handshake. I also have that wordlist but I don't think it will work :(

Everything is for educational purposes.

Any help is appreciated.


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Plain wordlist/text files with aircrack(as far as I know can't use rainbow tables directly unless piped through another program), for rainbowtables with precomputed SSID and passphrase hashes, try cowpatty.




With aircrack the SSID and passphrase are combined to get the hash and check for match on the fly when passing the wordlist; when using rainbow tables, you use precomputed hashes based on the SSID name, so if your router uses a name that tables aren't made for, rainbow tables would need to be generated for that specific SSID and password list you choose using something like pyrit which the files then become a huge database of precomputed hashes to lookup against.

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