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Barcamp event not what you think


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I went to an event that had people like us, business people, inventors and robots. Share learn grow is the slogan. I talked about using the Windows easy transfer tool to prepare for the Migration of windows xp to windows 7 or 8. Someone talked about tor and pgp. There was a game programer that showed off some stuff. There were also non tecnical people talking about business strategy, keeping employees in your local town after they graduate from college. Ways to raise money for business. It was interesting lots of people use kick starter. Someone did something on decision making. There even was inventions and robots. One of the robots tossed frisbees. They were all wifi controlled. I was well behaved. I was surprised lots of people used linux. Nextime I should talk about something related to Linux. They are huge on open source.

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I could've guessed... http://barcamp.org

It feels a bit like the 'Big Event' something like a hackerspace would organise at the end of a (typically) school year to recap what's been done, show it off to the world at large, discuss about what to do next and attract some fresh blood.

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