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How do I edit http headers en-route?


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Hi All,

Pineapple mark IV, (login says MK4 Ver. 3.0) uname -a says:

Linux Pineapple 3.3.8 #31 Tue Jul 04:26:43 BST 2013 mips GNU/Linux

I'm accessing the pineapple via a Windows 7 machine.

I'm using it to track the DLNA messages that are going back and forth for a work project.

I need to be able to modify the HTTP headers as they're going by. Is there a plugin for that?

I've updated opkg so that the Pineapplebar has hundreds of plugins. It's a little overwhelming.

If not, could someone tell me where to RTFM about how to do it?



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I'll take a look into that. Thanks for writing back.

In my investigations, I found the ruby source for codeinject. It's a proxy and already handles some munging of the headers. If I were to add a couple lines by hand, I could modify the header on the fly without munging the content, I think.

Obviously, I wouldn't want to leave that in there, but it might be the quick and dirty method I'm looking for.


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I managed to modify content passing by a router using squid + dansguardian

squid does the transparent proxying so client dont need to setup their browser for the proxy. it then pass the traffic to dansguardian

Dansguardian have several regular expression handler you can use to modify, content, get, post, header... everything...

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