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Problems with Jammer infusion


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So I'm trying to use the Jammer infusion with no joy.....

I have set up my 'test' Zyxel router at home, given it an SSID and put a WPA2-PSK security passkey on the Wi-Fi. The only feature is the Wi-Fi that's running on this box, there is no DSL connection. Purely testing. I also have an 8" Atom laptop with Windows 7 installed again this is all for testing!

I have installed Jammer and added the MAC of the Zyxel router to the blacklist. Havent changed any other config settings. Run Jammer, I can see that its running, but it just dosnt deauth the laptop connected to it. Am I do anything wrong?

I have also tried SSH'ing to the pineapple and running aireplay-ng to do this manually but its complaining that the BSSID (MAC) is on -1 channel which it is not.

aireplay-ng -0 5 -a <BSSID> mon0 - Is this the correct syntax? its worked for me before.

Appreciate any help....

Many Thanks

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Doesn't adding it to the black list mean that Jammer will ignore that hardware? Shouldn't you add it to the White list so that it only tries to Jam just that hardware? Also, which of the jammers are you using? The aireplay should work against/deauth Access Points whereas the mdk3 should deauth the clients of the AP.

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Thanks for the reply.

The blacklist is definitely for the AP's to be deauth'd!!. There is a note below each of the White/black list of what each list does. I am using the Jammer Infusion v1.6. As I understand it Jammer is just a GUI for aireplay-ng, how ever I didn't know that mdk3 only targets clients not the AP's. However, none of these work. Jammer, aireplay or mdk3. Would I be right in saying that aireplay only attacks AP's and mdk3 only attacks clients?

* Is it worth trying a non-zyxel router to attack

* Does it matter what radio im using wlan0/1

*Does it matter if there is encryption set on the router? WPA or WPA2

Thanks for your reply.....


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