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Realtek 2832u heat issue and Kali linux support

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Just received the SDR kit from the Hakshop and had two questions:

1.) The RTL unit when plugged into the USB drive is EXTREMELY hot. Is this normal for this hardware?

2.) The device is not recognized in a full install of kali (tried lsusb command to verify). Kali's full install appears to have the sdr drivers installed. Is there something else that must be done for the device to be recognized?

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Never had a problem with Kali 1.0.6 seeing the dongle. Make sure you plug it in before you launch Gqrx(I'm sure you're doing that I just had to say it just in case) and now that Debian Testing has Gqrx in it's Repos I'm moving off of Kali which eats up 16GB of SSD space(only have a 32GB SSD, need all the space I can free up on it) and going with Point Linux 3.0b1 which is in Beta and is Debian Testing with a MATE DE. Only "problem" is I have to launch Gqrx from Terminal but that's not really a huge deal IMHO. Anyway, I never notice my SDR dongle getting hot and never have had a problem with Gqrx in Kali launching. Wonder if you got a bad dongle?

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I got one of the compacter dongles which was said to run even hotter. It gets hot to the point where when you first place your finger against, say, the mcx connector or the usb connector shield, you'd contemplate taking your finger off but it gets bearable real quick.

If it gets too hot to touch and the thing doesn't work (I didn't have any specific kernel reatures installed for the sdr and it still detected a device that worked just fine with dump1090) I would also guess the device is defective.

On insert, does the kernel log the insertion? Plug it in and run 'dmesg | tail -50' to check.

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