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Pineapple vs Drone for my final exam


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Hello guys, some time ago I saw an episode where Darren was playing with his drone and pineapple on the rooftop.

This weekend there was this great wedding party from some friends with beer, wine, champagne blahblahblah and then I saw this guy I haven't seen for a long time and we started talking.

He's having a business in drones, BIG FAT autonome DRONES! (specialised in taking pictures, video's etc..mostly the boring stuff)

So while we were talking I mentioned I'm doing my final work for school on wireless network penetration testing using kali linux, also the pineapple, other hardware and it's posibilities, trying to convince him on my toes I would like to test al of this with a drone saying this would be very awsome. Must have been the booz and the pretty ladies maybe but he's very enthousiast about it and giving me the chance to work with one of his professional pilots and my "with a maximum of 20kg drone payloads"

Practically there is not much difference of course in working method but it could give a new turn on my final school work wich i'm editing for about a year now.

It's a good work but still needs some BALLS.

I'm guessing some of you guys have been thinking, dreaming or just have been awake wondering what stuff they would like to do with a drone and the pineapple.

Here's your chance to speak free and let me know what things would really kick ass!

Friendly regards


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I was thinking to set up the pineapple before it is send out. Then let it gather information and connect to it when it is back on home destination. Would there be a way to connect to it using the ip from my phone. ( thinking about portforwarding)

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I guess your school is in Kortrijk. So imagine you know the login to a nearby AP. You could drop the pineapple with a large battery on a roof and pick it up later. That way it could do it's job unnoticed and undiscoverd. That way you don't need physical acces into the building. A waterproof case would be needed but the students in the design class could make that :)

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Well, actually my school is not in Kortrijk but let's say you're close :-)

A waterproof case could be indeed a great idea but I'm always wondering if the pineapple will not overheat in a closed case.

All you said makes sence to me and that was how far I've gotten till now.

Tests will only be done in open weather for safety of the drones.


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My first thought would be an ammo box. It's kinda heavy, but you have that covered. It's weather-proof and because it's metal you could affix it to the chip(s) of the pineapple with some metal plates and thus use the whole ammo box as a heatsink.

Maybe someone can comment on how the Pineapple reacts to actual overheating. Does it throttle itself, shut down or go 'poof'?

Since your case is closed your powersource will be inside and, thus, limited. If you can put the container someplace cool(ish) that might just be enough.

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