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Recommend WiFi Adapters (Working with Kali)


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I'm new to Hak5 but am 58 years old with a 13 year old son. When I was young kid, my dad bought me a snow shovel, an old push lawn mower, and a rake to keep me busy earning money around the neighborhood in south St Louis. He later taught my brother and I how to break up old concrete with a sledge hammer and replace it with new. Instead of raising my son for hard physical labor, he earns money fixing computer related issues. He plays guitar, breadboards effects circuits, solves Rubik cubes, folds origami, does card tricks, and loves to share the best of what he learns from youtube with me.

We just found Hak5 when searching to how best set up a LAN with a yagi. We will be ordering cheap parts from china via aliexpress and would appropriate some help in selecting network adapters.

I am planning to order a RP-SMA 2.4GHz 25 DBi Yagi for $10.18 and a 2014 ALFA AWUS036H 1000MW WIFI Wireless USB Network Adapter 5DB Antenna with Realtek8187L,for $11. Does anyone have any advice to offer before I place the order?

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The card is a winner (assuming it's the real deal - those chinese things can be knock-offs) but I'm fairly distrusting about yagis. Can you post the link?

Yagi's look impressive so people assume they *perform* impressively. They say 25 DBi? Who measured that? No source? No truth there. I'm sure you're still receiving some signal and due to the sheer size of the thing you'll probably get better results than you get from the standard antenna. But it can be quite a bit better. I've seen youtube clips of one of those cheapo yagis someone bought off of ebay for a fiver or something (but that's in british pounds so it's near your $10 price range) and the guy checked the measurements of the elements on the yagi. Turns out the thing was actually more tuned for something like 400MHz range rather than 2.4GHz.

There's a few ways for you to spot shitty yagi's:

1. Look at the cable that comes with it. Cheapo's use really, really short, thin wire, hopefully with an SMA connector on it. Short is good, but if the wire is considerably thinner than the connector, it's a shit wire. Having that is akin to getting a really fantastic looking sports car and then mounting bicycle wheels under it. Look at the coax that feeds signal to your TV. That's about the width of cable you'd want.

2. Does it show the measurements for the elements, or can you approximate it based on the overall size that gets mentioned in the ad and a high-res picture of the thing? Check them yourself. There are resources online that will compute the correct measurements for you - verify this yagi uses those exact same measurements. Off by 1 mm COUNTS.

3. The price tag. I'll be the first to tell you that when you order from China, *EVERYTHING* is cheap, even the good stuff. Hell, I got a damned tablet computer from there for 32 euro including shipping! But there's cheap, and impossibly cheap (to me, that tablet was impossibly cheap, but I bought it because it WAS cheap and didn't care about much of anything else). When something's impossibly cheap, something had to give. People are making money off of this product you're about to buy. When the price of iron by weight is higher than the price of your antenna for that same weight, your antenna isn't made of proper iron.

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I've used these and they work really well, cheap too! As well as this.

Yeah I like that TP-Link wireless card works great with the nexus 7 tablet i use nethunter on my nexus 7 2013 tablet works fine.

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