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MkV as basic repeater? vs Alfa R36 + AWUS036H


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i have searched the forums a bit and not exactly aswered my curriousity. if you know of an existing thread/post that covered this already please accept my appologies and link me to it.

my currrent desire is to put together a basic wifi repeater for my mobile travels. this repeater would consist of a directional antenna on the outside for picking up distant wifi and an omni directional antenna in the coach conected with a repeater so i can have wifi for phones and laptops. from reading up on the mark 5 it seams it would do this right out of the box (with an aditional directional antenna) i understand the mark 5 is capable of much much more than a simple repeater. but in this application how does it compare to the Alfa R36 + AWUS036H combo for the same purpose. price is not somuch an issue and i am leaning towards the mark 5. is there a reason i should consider the Alfa R36 + AWUS036H for this duty instead of the mark 5?

i am certainly no expert so if i am off on this project feel free to clue me in.

thanks for the input


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I'm by no means an expert in regards to the multitude of uses in which the WiFi Pineapple Mark V can be applied but I'll offer a comment.

I feel it comes down to your requirements. If the sole purpose of the equipment is to extend the range of WiFi (range to the clients and the range at which you can connect to distant WiFi), then you may want to pick up the ALFA R36 + AWUS036H.

If you are looking to have an educational setup to work with WiFi which can also occasionally offer to option to extend WiFi, then the Mark V may be a better choice.

The ALFA R36 + AWUS036H are currently approximately $71 dollars ($50 & $21) on Amazon while the Mark V is currently priced at $99.

Again, I feel it comes down to what you want out of the configuration. WiFi Extender purposes only or Educational purposes coupled with the option to extend WiFi.

Hope that helps.

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