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GRC 1 sine wave at input, but 2 at scope?!


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I am trying to rebuilt a sine wave in Matlab.

I am generating a sine wave with a frequency of 1.57542 GHz, and give it on the RF input at my USRP2.

As you can see on the attached image I am receiving the generated sine wave. But now I really do not understand, why they are 2 channels in the Scope? A green and a blue one.

And which one does the File Sink save?

The block UHD USRP Source samples the sine wave and sends the samples as I and Q to the File Sink? Does the File Sink save them as an array? for example array = [i1, Q1, I2, Q2, I3, Q3, ... ] or as array = [i1+iQ1, I2+iQ2, I3+iQ3, ... ]

The image shows the whole architecture, the Scope Sink and the FFT Sink. Please take a look.

My goal is to better understand the USRP2 and the GRC.

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