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can someone please help me with my noob quest


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i used linux to scp the beta files to the temps folder and made a md5 file that matches and scp that file to the same dir

but know i should do what i know its a noob quest please help

what are the commands in linux to make a manual upgrade

i could not find a video on it or the exact commands to type in my terminal for thee manual upgrade

i am trying to beta test the new firmware in hopes it can help me fix my wlan0 not working thats not allowing connections after doing so many flashes and upgrades any tips in any of my nooby quest would be much apreciated

thank you

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i did i dont know what md5sum command to use after

  • Run the md5sum command ??? i dont know what command on the uploaded .bin file and make sure it matches the one from the downloads page.
  • If the MD5 sum matches, execute sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin please elaborate for me i am a confused noob thanks :)
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read carefully copy upgrade.bin to /tmp/ run "md5sum upgrade.bin" verify that is the correct md5 if so run "sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/upgrade.bin"

its always a good idea to google things that confuse you such as what a md5 is usage of md5sum why its so important its the same md5

this knowlage is useful

beta is for testing and reporting

your wlan0 issue can be fixed try searching the forum "wifi detect"

your best tool in learning is the following google . google and pratcice using google

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Thank You My noob Quest For That was all resolved because this forum rocks i have learned so much i am looking forward to learning more thanks you guys this noob request is done now i will go over those commands over and over again so i remember them and look to learn more from this product and community this makes learning fun i cant thank you guys enough for your help and support B) SO happy !

Mr-Protocol m40295
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You don't create a new md5 sum, you check the md5 with what they post on the firmware page.

So from your computer, or pineapple;

barry@NSA-Unit1:~/Downloads$ md5sum upgrade.bin 
30a58988e679b45a4744c7a358845f3e  upgrade.bin

The site shows this.

Released: 2014-04-09 21:25:07
Download: 1.3.0-BETA-2
MD5: 30a58988e679b45a4744c7a358845f3e

The MD5's match, so your download didn't get borked, which means the flash will work.

I've actually had linux iso's get slightly mangled, but would work as a live cd, but would fail every time you tried to use it to do a full install.

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