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Internal VPN?


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From my very limited knowledge of VPNs how I think they are set up is, VPN - verizon router - switch - computer, if that is incorrect stop me now but I am moving on to what I want to do.

Is it possible to setup a VPN on an internal network? IE: Verizon router - switch - VPN - switch - (everything connected to the switch)

The switch is in my room and I would like to connect to the vpn and act as if I was in my room (controling the lights, lock, music, etc.)

Would it work this way? If not is there any way to make it work? I'm sorry I don't know the modle of the cisco VPN router I am using, I will edit in the name and modle when I get home from school.

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I understand you see the VPN as a solution, but I don't see the problem you're trying to solve using one.

A VPN is typically used to connect 2 networks across an untrusted network in a secure manner, meaning the untrusted network might see the traffic, but can't decypher it.

You want to connect to your home network from somewhere. Why not expose your full home network (as opposed to just your room) to the internet using VPN, thus preventing unauthorized access? You'll have to start with something here or else your complete home network would be open to the internet at large.

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