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Split Tunneling with my VPN Help


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i recently got myself a VPN account and was setting it up when i noticed that while im connected to the VPN (server is in europe), i cant watch anything in the UK like BBC,ITV,SkyGo even dont work cos everything is going through the VPN.

My question is how do i configure my VPN to only use 2 apps that i run on my pc and the rest will go through my home/private network connection ?

im on win8 and use eset 7

any help is appreciated.

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I haven't found out myself yet.

The trick is in the routing. VPN software simply creates a virtual network device where any packet that gets sent via it is transferred using the VPN into the remote network. They then tweak the routing table in such a way that any and all traffic that isn't destined for localhost gets routed through this virtual network device.

I can vpn into work from anywhere, but then all my traffic will go slowly via the work network, including the regular internet stuff. If your remote network is on a distinctive IP range nothing like your local one (10.X.Y.Z vs 192.168.X.Y say) you could replace the routing rules with more specific ones whereby only traffic intended for that 10.X.Y.Z domain go via the VPN and the rest go out in the usual fashion.

So far I couldn't be arsed to really get into this, but that's how they do it and how you can free yourself from it. How to go about doing this in Windows... Maybe some other smart soul has a clue?

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