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AP121U with Pineapple but can only access via SSH

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I just flashed an AP121U with the Pineapple Mark 4, (v2.8.1) file. All seems to have went well I think. (I followed the Clean Flash instructions).

After the AP121U rebooted it shows "Hornet" as the transmitted wireless network name. I can connect to that but can not seem to access the device with or, etc. I do get a php. display of some kind when I use can not access it.

The only way I can access the AP121U is to SSH using putty with the IP address. It shows the openwrt/pineapple logo and allows me to sign in; user= root / pass= pineapplesareyummy. I'm not sure what to do after that.

I assume I should be able to access a user interface of some kind instead of SSH?

Does anyone know if I missed something during the flashing process? Or any idea of what different IP address could be used?

Any help or experience is appreciated.


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