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Cannot connect clients/Karma not working


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Hi everyone

Received my new Pineapple MarkV (I'm a newbie) 2 days ago, ran into a couple of problems (issues with flashing, sd card etc...), but this is all solved now...

I'm able to connect through ethernet via web interface to the Pineapple Box, install infusions, the AP is broadcasting, everything is fine so far..


I cannot connect to the AP with any client! When I'm trying to connect via Android/Samsung, status bar says "connecting" for about 3-4 times, then connection breaks and it retries, or I get an error message saying "authentication error". Same with a Windows 7 machine, trying to connect via Wifi, but connection breaks immediately without further error messages...ethernet lights on laptop are blinking, network monitor shows some activty during connection trials....

Furthermore, Karma doesn't seem to work either, status bar is just saying "No clients found."...

Pineapple is powered over wall, also tried with a battery pack....I factory-resetted several times, did the whole unbricking things, nothing helped...Firmware version 1.2.0



if between pine and pc: eth0

if between pc and internet: wlan0


IP address host:

IP address pineapple :

ifconfig says the same...

OS: Debian 7, 64bit

using wp5.sh for connection sharing

Has anybody some ideas, help...a new MarkV? ;)

Thanks in advance...

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You aren't the only one seeing this... Kind of rare right now but you are a new case. If wlan0 isn't working correctly I'm not surprised Karma doesn't work either.

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Hi, thanks for quick reply...

Already looked at this topic, having the same answers: Tried different names for AP, I'm using antennas shipped with pineapple, tried both, black-and whitelisting, and MAC's could be added and removed without problems...

Seems like I have to get a replacement...

Anyway, thank you!

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