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MITM on another network

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Let's say the pineapple has its main broadcasting AP with Karma on wlan0. It also has connected to another nearby network via wlan1 to give its clients on wlan0 internet. Though wlan0 in this case isn't that important- it could be turned off. I wish for the pineapple to be able to run MITM attacks like ettercap and SSLstrip on the network it connected to via wlan1. I think I was having difficulties with this early. How can this be accomplished? Thanks.

I think I have this figured out now.

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Well when you are not the router of that network you are going to have to spam and i mean really spam that your mac is the gateway's ip. Then the clients will send there packets directed to the gateway's ip to you.

Think that will get you there.

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Surely you'd just need to arpspoof the device you're after, as theyettihunta said. You're not the gateway, so you wouldn't be able to pick up ALL the devices, but if you pick a specific device - no problem.

You don't actually need a pineapple for it though, a laptop would work just fine. Have a look at this, its basically the same thing that I've followed before (albeit from a laptop, never tried with my pineapple) http://robospatula.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/man-in-the-middle-attack-arpspoof-sslstrip.html

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