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Do u need network adapter for WPA and WEP hacks?


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Hi, Im learning Kali, and would like to run some tests, WPA and WEP, but I currently do not have a usb network adapter, all I have is the internal wifi card in my laptop. Do I have to get a adapter or can I use my internal wifi card? Thanks alot!

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Guest spazi

It depends on what wifi chipset you have. I can use my internal wifi card with no issues.

Try typing:

airmon-ng start wlan0

Tell me what happens :)

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I think the question needs more clarification since it depends on the situation(and the cards capabilities/compatibility).

If using it in a Virtual Machine, you can't pass the functionality of the wifi card directly to the VM if using the built in wireless card. If connected to you home network over your internal wifi, the VM would be able to connect to the internet, but not take control of the internal wifi card to do things like monitor mode or injection, so in that instance, you would need a USB wifi card.

If you were booting the actual machine off a live disc and not using it in a VM, if the wireless card is compatible with the functions required, or doing a full install to the HDD, then you would have control over the built in wireless, which is what I have with my HP laptop and a native install of BackTrack 5.

So to review, if in a VM, use a compatible USB wifi card if you need monitor mode and injection capabilities, or if your internal wireless card is compatible boot the actual machine off a live disc to use your internal wifi for the same functionality.

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it depends what u use it for if your laptop supports injection and other stuff that would work fine but if it doesn't u have to get a USB WiFi adaptor just in case if u want to get info about your internal WiFi adaptor copy the model and gOOle it.

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