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Cell Phone to Tower Communications

Lost In Cyberia

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Hey everyone, I'm looking to do some research into, at a very low level, how cell phones operate. I'm aware of the general stuff... They talk to towers, sending data to let the towers know where they are etc.. But I'd like much lower level help. Is there any way to get at the lower level operating system on a phone? (I believe called the baseband OS) And to see what information is being sent back and forth?

Also does anyone have any resources for what SMS packets look like? We have plenty of powerpoint slides describing TCP/IP packets, but I can't find too many resources in regards to telecommunication layouts.

If anyone has any resources, reading material, slides, notes, white papers regarding telecom, please share here! Any information is welcome!

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There's an opensource implementation of the GSM protocol: http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/

Newer protocol are still proprietary and have no opensource implementation AFAIK

At the hardware level its quite simple; antennas => multiplexer => receiver => trunk => media converter => telco network...

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