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I fixed my client mode connection problems!


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I was having a helluva time getting client mode to work on my new Mark V. No matter what I did, wlan1 would not light up red and show me that it was trying to do anything. In fact, it would turn off after I enabled it and tried to connect in client mode. (soooo frustrating on something that should be so easy, right?)

I spent a good bit of time reading through the forums and saw many topics dealing with similar issues. Some of the fixes talked about doing factory resets or forcing a fix of your wireless settings through ssh. I tried all of the above many times ;) They all had the same effect: No fixy fixy :(

Eventually I noticed something odd in my /etc/config/wireless. I have a network that has a plus sign (+) in the SSID. /etc/config/wireless listed a space in the place where the + should be. On a hunch, I manually edited the file and replaced the space with the +. I rebooted the Mark V and voila! I had internet! :) For the first time since I received the device, I could finally connect to the outside world!

Anyway, I was pretty happy. Even though the SSID scan listed the network correctly, apparently there was a problem parsing that character and writing the file. I will make sure to post this in the client connection problem thread I saw earlier. Hopefully this can help someone else out that is banging their head against the wall/keyboard/pet/whatever.


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Thank you very much :) I am glad to see such fast iterations on such an awesome set of tools. I am especially happy to see a community that helps people when they have problems rather than approach newcomers with an elitist attitude. And that goes just as much for the hak5 team in responding to problems. You guys are awesome.

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Fix has been released - thanks!

Can I also point you towards our bug tracker? Not only is it a great way to keep track of current bugs / suggestions, but also a way people can see what bugs we have fixed in the past!

Best practice would be to create a report and if needed reference a forum thread inside said report.

Best Regards,


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