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Creating a HoneyPot Or MITM +Confused On How To


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First I would like to say thank you-to HAK5, the modirator and Chris H for doing a heck of a job to get this project running!! You folks Rock!

I have read all the info on the forum and have a few questions about the MITM using SSLSTRIP and/or creating a honeypot. For use in a educational way or for my own personal use

I watch Chris's vid on SSLSTRIP. Now Question is, if I am using my home WIFI router as the way for other to connect through, I went to the network tab, and my router requires a password, I noted chris just had a open WIFI, no password required.

Do I need to take my password off, so that when I use Karma, others can connect??

I did not see in Chris's vid the use of Karma or how he set it up? Chris, any aid or instruction would be welcomed


Can I just use network tab, use my password to connect to my router and then use karma to list any new name??

Secondly, Lets say I see a router named XYZ-- Do I need to name my Karma Name XYZ to lure those folks who use that or does it have to be XYZ1???

How does this differ form the honey pot??

Thank you!


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First off, karma runs on wlan0 and has nothing to do with wlan1 which is what client mode uses. You can keep your network key on your router and just use client mode to connect as normal.

In order to attract clients, you need to have Karma running, but the Karma SSID can be called anything you like. Although it would probably be a good idea to change it from the default "Pineapple5_XXXX" to something inconspicuous like "NETGEAR" or even "Free WiFi" - you never know, you might attract even more people who unwittingly connect to "Free WiFi"..

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