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Suggestions for the Mark VI

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Here are some suggestions I have dreamed up over the past couple of days.

More RAM

I think the mark V is very limited when it comes to RAM. Come on, only 64MB? I'm sorry, but I can't run very much at a time, and it is constantly crashing! How difficult would it be to add 128MB of RAM, or better yet, 256MB?


I think dual booting would be a good feature. How I see it, is there would be a second DIP switch module to choose which version you want to boot. It's annoying to have to change the settings each time, like the wireless settings, for example. If I want to prank my friends, I have to change the /etc/wireless/config file from encrypted WPA2 'Nothing to see here!' to something like 'Free Wifi!'

Antenna Repositioning

A physical problem with the Mark V that the Mark IV does not have is the width. I can fit the Mark IV in my pocket(other than the antenna, which is hidden by my shirt), however I can't fit the Mark V in, because of the antennas. If I put it in my pocket with the antenna sticking out, it is visible, because of the angle of the antennas. What about having a 90 degree SMA connector where the SMA ports are, so the antennas would be right next to it?

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What I would love in next Pineapple is :

- Possibility to use native PoE via ethernet

- Possibility to power supply the Pineapple with 12+ V Dc. Use case : Pineapple connected with 1 12 V batteries. When the battery gets empty and cannot supply power to the device we could switch to the fixed power supply without rebooting the device with a Y DC cable. The best would be to power the device while charging the battery when wall plug is available. (12 V battery charger sends 12,6V )


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When making electronics smaller other problems arise such as heat, if the mkV was as small as the mkIV then I think that we would have to put an fan in there and to be able to fit the fan in there the case would have to be made bigger

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