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[Release] 1.2.0 - Codename: Modemzilla


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Hey everyone,

While we did just release firmware 1.1.1, we had reports that mobile broadband modems which worked in the 1.0.4 firmware stopped working entirely in firmwares 1.1.0+. This issue has now been fixed!

This 1.2.0 release also incorporates a lot of fixes and suggestions reported to us using our bug tracker. We'd like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone that discovers a bug or has a feature suggestion to let us know there. This way we can keep track of issues easily and update you on our progress.

We also added a few more webinterface API functions for our module developers. If you are interested in making an infusion but don't know where to start, check out our wiki!


  • Mobile Broadband
    • The detection (and functionality) of mobile broadband modems which broke in firmware 1.1.0 has been fixed.
    • General stability of mobile broadband modems has been improved.
  • Karma
    • It is now possible to change Karma's log location. This can be done by specifying the desired directory (eg /sd/) in the file /etc/pineapple/karma_log_location.
    • The above will be possible through the webinterface within the next day or two.
  • API Changes
    • Added functions to install and check for installed packages. This should allow for easier installation of dependencies: "install_package()" and "check_package()".
    • Added functions to check the current pineapple and require a specific minimum version: "get_pineapple_version()" and "require_pineapple_version()".
  • Security Fixes
    • Changed the way we protected the /pineapple/ directory to allow for symlinks within /www/.
    • Fixed some small load issues.
  • Misc
    • Fixed vFat mounting.
    • Updated all system infusions to the latest available versions.
Download: Over the air through the web-interface. (alternatively at https://wifipineapple.com?downloads)
MD5: 601d6baa2664fd465d401c42b0696ea1
Note: To flash this over the web-interface, please make sure your info tile is at it's latest version.
As usual, please leave any feedback in this thread.
Bugs, suggestions can also (and should be) be left here.
We hope you enjoy this release!
-The WiFi Pineapple Team
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Is there a place where I can find a reference list of all of these webinterface API functions? I looked at the wiki and on the forums, but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!

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