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Internet won't work no matter what

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Hey guys! First off, Kudos to Darren for such a great product and website :)

I'm having a slight problem ever since I got the Mark V.

I set it up all fine, connected it to my Wifi connection and in the start, I could browse the internet through the eth0 port.

But after a day or two, that's changed. Now internet won't work no matter what. At times even the Pineapple bar wouldn't connect to internet.

any ideas how I get it to connect to my wifi and the internet to work on the Karma ? I can get devices to connect to it but no internet at all.




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When your the network small tile and you hit show ip does it say and have you tried using client mode under the network large tile to connect to your ap?

also if you have an extra wireless nic try to connect to your pineapple via wireless adapter in my experience you have less problems connecting to the internet and pineapple.

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A couple of pointers for you... Nice screen grabs but I can't tell if they were taken days apart of within seconds... So, I'm assuming that you have set manually the IP address of the NIC card on your laptop to and so that when you plug into the eth0 port of the pineapple you will be on the right ip address range. Once you have done this and can "manage" the pineapple over the eth0 port you can use client mode to connect your pineapple to an AP. Once you do this and you get an IP address from your home router, the Network Info, Route section in your second picture should automatically update the default route. If that is not happening there is another issue. I've had this happen to me a few times but I've always been able to fix it by rebooting the pineapple. The configuration should stay since you got an IP and the it should automatically connect your pineapple to the home AP. Hopefully when it comes back up after the reboot the "route" info will be updated as well. Also, you should be able to do all of this without the need for the WiFi Manager infusion. Don't get me wrong, great Infusion, but if you are bouncing between the built in settings and the WiFi manager you could be causing other problems.

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