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SSLStrip Install Issues


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HI all- I purchased my Mark IV last year after Defcon, and haven't had a whole lot of time until recently to set up. The Mark IV came flashed with version 3.0.0, after reading the forums, it looked to be unstable as 2.8.1 is highlighted and has the most downloads on the wifi pineapple download page. I installed several infusions with 3.0.0, with no issues. However, after an attempt to install SSLstrip, and following many of the install directions, SSLstrip won't install. It just hangs and pretends like it's gonig to load/install, and then nothing. I rebooted the pineapple several times, and even did a reset, still couldn't install sslstrip. I also tried installing from the opkgmanager, no luck. So i started reading more of the forums and flashed the device back to 2.8.1 hoping that would fix the issue. After a successful flash, I once again tried to install sslstrip, same issue, would act like it was gonig to install, and then it would just hang. If anyone could help or guide me in the right direction, that would be great. I wasnt sure if i had a defective device or something else.



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