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cloud certifications


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I am new to the Cloud world. i just got done with school and started a job as a PC tech/admin at my job. The company i am with is talking about being a hybrid IT system and start moving things to the cloud. I want to know what are the top 10 most recognized certifications for the cloud base computing both security and non security. I need to get a few certifications if i want to last long and there are a lot out there i just to make sure that i pick legit ones. Thanks in advance

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From what I can quickly see is that basically you need to figure out which flavor of "Cloud" you're most likely to work with and then get a certification for that.

For me personally... I don't get the hype.

Storage via the internet. Yay. What's so new about that?

And while we're at it, what's the point? Would you really entrust your data to some vendor? Sure, he might sign a contract he absolutely, positively will not so much as look in the general direction of any box that might potentially contain a harddisk holding your data... But what do you stand to lose if that data gets out into the open? Is it worth the risk? And if it's not sensitive data, why are you so keen on storing it in the cloud anyways? Is storage really _that_ much of an issue for people?

Maybe I'm just getting old (let me tell you, sonny. Back in my days we chiseled characters into granite slabs with our own TEETH!)

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