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How do devices check for internet?


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I'm wondering how different devices check for internet, an d hopefully I will be able to use the DNSSpoof on my pineapple to make it look like they have internet, even when they don't.

How does iOS know when there is internet? I set up a sample network on the pineapple, turned on randomroll, and connected to it on my iPod. Immediately, it opened a webpage with a dancing banana.(Lol) It said I had to log in, so therefore it new I was messing with the internet. How does it check?

Same for Android/PC. Again, the purpose of this is to make it look like there is internet, even when there isn't.

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The device probably, on connecting to a network, will look up some url. Put a web proxy (squid or whatever) on it and see what it says.

When I write code that needs to verify the validity of a configured proxy server, I typically load the front page of google. If the response is http 200 and some data, I'm happy. (The components that want to talk to something beyond the proxy need to verify the validity of their connection on their own accord).

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Guest spazi

That's a pretty good question, which I've never thought about.

I'm guessing it receives some specific packet data or maybe pings a DNS server.

Maybe it knows that there is internet when the router has received an IP address from the ISP.
One easy way to find out is to load up wireshark and capture packets from a computer when the internet is disconnected.
Try then to connect the internet, see what happens and compare it when it was disconnected :)

I think I know what I'm doing this weekend hehe.

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Take a look at the pineapple suprise posts in the mk5 section. The code has the sites ios and android devices hit for internet connectivity tests.

Here it is. Had the link saved on my phone.


Just in time for April fool's day!

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