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[Release] 1.1.1 - Codename: SDRblesaurus


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Hey everyone,

The 1.1.0 release has proven to be a very stable release. This release fixes some of the small issues that have cropped up. It also adds support for the rtl-sdr dongles that you have seen on hak5!

Darren will be releasing an infusion utilizing the dongles soon and there is much more to come.

As this is another "Stablesaurus" release, you will start to see more content rich releases soon, building on this solid base. This includes some bigger outstanding bugs that we are currently addressing. There will also be new rounds of beta tests soon.


  • CLI
    • Karma: Fixing some issues with ' and $ characters in the SSID black / white list.
    • Fixing superfluous newlines in CLI infusions.
  • Webinterface
    • System infusions updated to latest versions.
  • Misc
    • led control program removed as it was part of the CLI already/
    • python-crypto library included.
  • SDR
    • rtl-sdr support
    • ​dump1090 + modifications
Download: Over the air through the web-interface. (alternatively at https://wifipineapple.com?downloads)
MD5: bb3e88ee87e1ff4cf6d3d81c862f186b
Note: To flash this over the web-interface, please make sure your info tile is at it's latest version.
As usual, please leave any feedback in this thread.
Bugs, suggestions can also (and should be) be left here.
We hope you enjoy this release!
-The WiFi Pineapple Team
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