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help with wifi


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i set up the pinapple like it says to. I setup the staic ip dns gateway.. And it still wont connect to the pinnaplle router. I can't get google to pop up. I even turnn off wireless then try wired connection.. It's says im connected.. Nothing works

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The setup in the booklet is for ICS(internet connection sharing) if you plan to connect the pineapple via Ethernet to your computer and have you computer connect to your wifi/another Ethernet port on you router. That is how you would use that setup.

I would recommend connecting the pineapple in client mode to a wireless AP and connecting the pc via Ethernet to the pineapple/connecting to the SSID of the pineapple; not using the Ethernet on the MKV.

If you are using Kali Linux and you want to use the Ethernet to the pineapple to the computer(and have wifi/another Ethernet that you want to connect to your wifi) you might want to change the wired connection settings to only use the wired connection for local resources. This makes it easier when trying to access the net on the computer and having it connected to the pineapple

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When I go to setup everything. It's still giving me problems. The wired is under eth0. Even when I enable my wirless nothing happens. Plus I see pineapple under my wireless, it's open and I'm trying to make it secure. I can't seem to figure it out

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